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The Mind Altering Art Work Of: MAX ERNST

Max Ernst (1891 – 1976) was a German born artist and sculptor. He was down with two of my favorite art movements of all time – Dada and Surrealist. His paintings give me the feeling I just dropped two hits of white blotter acid and the universe is just the beginning of a vast unknown world. I’m always in awe of creative people whose imaginations have no limits. Max’s paintings and sculptures speak to me on so many different levels. He created a world where the morbid and decayed collide with beauty to create something that goes beyond words! It’s pretty rad that one of our favourite bands, 11PARANOIAS, used one of his pieces for their album and totally did him justice with the layout. Today we celebrate the outergalatic art of Max Ernst with a HUGE collection of his works…Space Is the PLACE!


3075263316_859fcb12d9_b above-the-clouds-1920

badlands-004 barbarians-marching-to-the-west-1937 d5433440a gala-éluard-1924
Max Ernst Tutt'Art@ (25) Max-Ernst-At-the-first-clear-word Max-Ernst-Attirement-of-the-Bride Max-Ernst-Detail Max-Ernst-Epipheny Max-Ernst-Marlene-Mother-And-Son Max-Ernst-Painter Max-Ernst-Sun Max-Ernst-The-Angel-of-the-home-or-the-Triumph-of-Surrealism Max-Ernst-The-Beautiful-Season Max-Ernst-the-entire-city-1935 Max-Ernst-The-Gray-Forest Max-Ernst-Wizard-Woman
the-blessed-virgin-chastising-web the-couple-in-lace-1925 the-nymph-echo they-have-slept-in-the-forest-too-long-1926 woman-old-man-and-flower-web

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