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The Lighting Dudes Review + Full Stream

Well, it’s official – I have been sent the most crucial demo of 2015. Rampaging all the way from the UK, The Lightning Dudes have graced humanity with the kind of tunes that only shitty pornos and cheap gin coincide with.

You’ve heard the phrase “these guys don’t give a fuck!” probably a million times when your friend, siblings, or that one drunk guy with the dreds at the house show tries to describe a band’s persona. Unfortunately, more often than not, your friend, sibling and dreds guy are over-exaggerating. Chances are, every band that’s been described to you as “not giving a fuck” probably does and is avidly trying to figure out what will progress their art forward. The Lighting Dudes, on the other hand, truly do not give one fuck. They have no problem telling anyone to fuck off. Don’t believe me? Go to their bandcamp and try to access their lyrics – you’ll be pleasantly insulted. I mean, Jesus Christ people, they even have a song titled “we seriously don’t give a fuck.” Do you really need any more proof that this band is by far the punkest thing currently in existence?



Now, I know you’re reading this thinking, “fuck you Dylan, why not actually describe their sound!” Here, let me indulge you as if I magically obtained a job with Vice: The Lightning Dudes play loud, fast, sometimes slow and in your face. This band is the perfect harmony between doing nothing and still having people recognize their music. The Lighting Dudes are more than just a four song novelty, they are the artists you need in your life right now telling you to eat pizza and not give a fuck!! I mean, come on, these guys didn’t put any effort into their music, yet here I am writing about them for a webzine with over 60,000 followers. The Lighting Dudes are the inspiration we all need; they demonstrate that no matter how little you do in life, there is still the slight chance you can have some broke graduate student write about you!!! How fucking cool is that? I’d say it’s pretty fucking cool; now excuse me, I have to do as The Lightning Dudes suggest and not give a fuck.


LD review

You will need all of these when blasting The Lighting Dudes.


Out on Yamabushi Recordings


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Relapse DF 92123
Sentient 51423

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