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Cramp Stomp! THE CRAMPS performing live at Napa State Mental Hospital

The Cramps were on the next level of radness. This band was a part of my teenage years, and they were one of the few non-hardcore bands that hardcore kids listened to in 1982. The Cramps were totally punk because they just did not give a fuck. They didn’t follow trends because they created their own lanes. No matter how popular they got, they stayed grounded and were always a band for the people! Their frontman, Lux, was one of the chosen few when it came to vocalists. This crazy creature brought that insane electricity to every show, every night. When you were at The Cramps shows, the GOO GOO MUCK got all in your bones and you couldn’t help but move. Today CVLT Nation would like to share with you The Cramps performing live at Napa State Mental Hospital…repeat after me: “I Was A Teenage Werewolf.”

the cramps
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