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A Rad! Instagram archiving the indie scene from the 60s and 80s

For a daily fix of all things indie dating back to 1983 and beyond, follow @sceneinbetween, the account run by fashion author, historian and self-titled “music nerd”, Sam Knee. Defining the “scene in-between” as the indie period that followed the post-punk era, Knee uses Instagram as a platform through which to share his surplus of rare images that document the fashion, cult figures, unsung heroes, live music, poster graphics, zine tears and record covers synonymous with the scene.

The page plays out as a visual manifestation of Knee’s personal obsession and acute knowledge of the scene – in particular, the underground style  – whilst mirroring the general mood of the era. The likes of The Smiths, Kim Gordon, Bikini Kill and The Cramps all make regular appearances, alongside lesser known bands and unidentified individuals from across Britain who demonstrate noteworthy indie style. Scroll down for Knee’s stellar music recommendations.

Pinched from Dazed Digital

Who are you? 

@sceneinbetween: I’m Sam Knee, fashion author and music nerd.

How would you describe your account? 

@sceneinbetween: It’s fairly one dimensional, it basically exposes my obsession with the style of the 80s indie scenes, along with some early-mid 60s UK and US youth subcultural references seen from an 80s indie perspective. In the 80s everyone was into the 60s in one way or another. The 60s were the zeitgeist of the indie scenes.

A post shared by Sam Knee (@sceneinbetween) on

A post shared by Sam Knee (@sceneinbetween) on

What is “the scene in between” and what made you start the account?

@sceneinbetween: The ‘scene in between’ is the era that followed on from post-punk and the mod revival, preceding grunge and E culture. So primarily 1983-88. I started the Instagram as a place to share excess images from my books and to map out new book ideas. I wasn’t expecting so many people to be interested!

What’s the criteria for a @sceneinbetween post? 

@sceneinbetween: The photos have to relate to the 80s indie scenes, be obscure and previously unseen. I don’t want to bore people with the same old images they’ve seen a thousand times. The picture quality is irrelevant. The photos have to be from the 80s or from the 60s. Occasionally I include early 90s pics if they’re relevant, but I generally avoid the 70s and 90s.

Do you have an archive of materials stored up?

@sceneinbetween: Yes hundreds of additional shots, leftovers from all of my books. A lot of it ends up on my Instagram.

What are some of your favourite images you’ve ever posted? 

@sceneinbetween: This shot is one of my fave pics ever. It’s of the JAMC from February 1985 at a club called Ziggys in Plymouth. You can feel the blinding white noise screeching out of Williams’ amp! The ceiling looks like it’s melting and Bobby G looks cool, calm and collected through the din.


A post shared by Sam Knee (@sceneinbetween) on

Where do you source your content? 

@sceneinbetween: I bug people for pics, normally old band members, fanzine editors or scenester fans, sometimes people send me scans or even better the negatives! Picture research is my thing, I’ll never grow tired of it and I discover new material everyday.

What do your references reveal about you? 

@sceneinbetween: I guess that I’m an uber geek.

Who are your favourite artists and photographers? 

@sceneinbetween: My fave bands include The Mystic Tide, Rising Storm, Yardbirds, early MBV, Pussy Galore, Pastels (80s stuff), Deep Wound, Anti Cimex, Beat Happening, Solger, Neon Christ, The Clean. All the little garage mod type bands that are on compilations like Back From the GraveNew England Teen Scene, Purple Heart Surgery, Chocolate Soup, Pebbles and so on, there are so, so many, this shit never ends! I’ve recently been revisiting records I haven’t played for decades like the first Dinosaur LP, Scratch Acid LPs, I’m on a real mid 80s US underground trip at the moment. Generally, I listen to 60s garage, 80s indie and 80s anarcho and hardcore punk.

Photographer wise, I generally like one-off amateur snaps, though Mark Flunder is a favourite. He took some sublime shots of the Pastels, Television Personalities etc which are just something else! Also, Julia Gorton’s recently unearthed late 70s NY scenester studies are astonishingly stylish.


For the rest of this awesome feature head over to Dazed Digital

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