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Tap into Sonic Filth Sludge Pit that is the STOMACH Demo!

The world is fucked right about NOW! The world is dismal right about NOW! The world is in a state of war right about NOW! But the grim sounds of STOMACH are getting my head right. I can’t front — when I’m feeling down I like to blast some filth-ridden, slow-cooked sludge into my decaying reality! This band serves up the kind fucked in the head music that I need right about NOW!

This STOMACH demo is fucking wretched as fuck and reeks of despair. There is nothing kind about this band’s music and honestly, this is the way I love to hear sludge. To me, STOMACH’s songs are modern-day blues death hymns. I want y’all to plug yourself into the band’s “DELIRIUM OF NEGATION” demo so that y’all can experience the agony that is STOMACH. As of today, this one-man SLUDGE filth unit has created one of the sickest D-Tuned demos of 2022 (Out NOW on PRACTICED HATRED).

stomach demo
Written By

Relapse DF 92123
Sentient 51423

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