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(New Power Violence from Moscow)! Interview + Brutal Mixtape

Thank you Jeremy from The Brvtalist

Beyond The Filth! Q&A plus a mix from Moscow’s NO SEX. 

Emerging from beneath a frigid Moscow comes the blistering sound of No Sex. The four-piece power violence band from the Russian capital came crashing onto the scene at the end of last year and their EP, Every Sort Of Filth, was one of the best new releases in the genre – unleashing 5 tracks of relentless, seething energy that is definitely beyond filthy. I’ve known the band’s drummer, Aleksey, as co-founder of Moscow’s infamous Temple of Joy parties and asked him about the band, EP, and more. As a soundtrack to the interview, No Sex also delivered this accompanying mix of some of their favorite brvtal sounds. Check the mix, read the interview and pick up the EP at NO SEX “Every Sort Of Filth”

– The Brvtalist

The Brvtalist: Let’s start at the beginning – tell us a little background about the band and how it started. 

No Sex: Greetings from Moscow covered by a haze, Jeremy. We haven’t seen the sun in two weeks, and according to forecasts, it will not appear for the first time until three weeks later. So I think these lead clouds will add some true colors to our new songs.

As for the history of our band, there is not much to tell, we gathered at the end of September 2020, a month later recorded our debut demo “Every Sort of Filth”, released it on November 13 on Temple Of Joy and played our debut show three weeks later.

The Brvtalist: Also tell us about the name, No Sex 

No Sex: Hesitated between choosing from several options for the name and eventually settled on the one in which there was the most lively energy resonating with each of the band members.

The Brvtalist: A lot of people know you for the Temple of Joy parties you co-run as well as your Sariim project. Why did it feel like a good time for some Power Violence? 

No Sex:  For the past few years, I have not felt any interest or desire to play in bands, but now I am genuinely enjoying the new wave of my newfound interest in this form of musical expression.

The Brvtalist: Tell us about the first EP, Every Sort of Filth. Did you make this during the pandemic? Talk about some of your inspiration and a little bit about the tracks. 

No Sex: As I mentioned in the announcement of our first release, when writing the lyrics, I drew my entire inspiration from Pierre Guyotat’s “Tombeau pour cinq cent mille soldats”, alternating picturesque landscapes with inhumanity, and extreme images of the manifestation of the unnatural.

The Brvtalist: How has it been for shows/gigs in Moscow? What do you think the future holds for the local metal or even just live music scene.

No Sex: So far, we’ve played one show and it’s been great, it’s been nice to see so many old warriors, and so many new young faces. I think that we are waiting for a small tour as soon as the strict restrictions are lifted and the new wave of the pandemic recedes.

The Brvtalist: What’s coming up next for the band? 

No Sex: At the moment No Sex writing new songs, I think they will be released in the first decade of 2021. Thank you for your time, Jeremy! It’s amazing that our boring faces can be of interest to someone.

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Sentient 51423

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