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3 Hours of DOOM curated by PRIMTIVE MAN for our 7th Anniversary! No more words needed…other than GET FUCKED GET DOOMED! Download the full Mixtape HERE!   CVLT Nation 7th Anniversary Mixtape – PRIMITIVE MAN Track List: 1. Archgoat – Goat and the Moon 2. Asunder – A Clarion Call

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I am always craving to discover something dark that affects me emotionally. I am always looking for a sound that has a vibe that makes me eerily intrigued with discomfort, because that is where I find comfort. I can spend hours, days in and days out, looking and looking and

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A few months ago, at stupid o’clock in the morning, I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram (story of my life right there, folks) when a piece of dark landscape art popped up. In a mere moment I was transported from my bedroom in England, and dropped among vast, silent, snowy

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Serpentine Path’s second record Emanations drops this week, marking a pivotal evolution from the band’s self-titled debut released in 2012. The focus remains the same though – soul crushing doom laden with tasteful death metal influences like Autopsy, while much has been said of the band’s members and previous bands,

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