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Straight up – 2019 was a rad year for Hardcore! So stay tuned to CVLT Nation in 2020, because we promise to cover more of it! Support these bands!!!   FIFTEEN – FRONTSIDE, Society’s View Have you heard FRONTSIDE? If you haven’t then now is your chance, and I’m sure

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For a good many people, the idea of drawing energy and psychic sustenance from sexual acts has been considered somewhat taboo. When used in conjunction with rites of pain for purposes that would be considered far less than altruistic within the mystic/esoteric communities – even more so. But as happens

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Over the course of my very fledgling Left Hand Path adventure, my endless explorations of myths and mysteries, I have found that certain cyclical peaks and valleys seem to be foundational and sometimes accidentally universal amongst self-identified LHP seekers. I personally found my way onto the Left Hand Path via

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