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Everything in nature consists of vibrations. The body is like an instrument, and it can be played by drawing out maximum harmony and resonance. This is one of the main principles of DO.OMYOGA, a practice that combines loud atmospheric Doom/Drone/Ambient/Avant-garde/Psychedelic music with yoga.  DO.OMYOGA holds regular sound healing ceremonies, usually

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By Kris T. Therrian  FB / Instagram DAY THREE – Saturday 21st Bands seen: Hugsjá, Damo Suzuki & Minami Deutsch, Panopticon, Volcano, Boris & Stephen O’Malley, NYIÞ & Wormlust: Hieros Gamos, Dhidalah, All Pigs Must Die, Thou x The Body, Earthless & Kikagaku Moyo: East meets West Jam, Occvlta Probably owing to PTSD and

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Initially formed in 2006, Gravetemple was the result of an intriguing meeting of minds. Oren Ambarchi is well known from his ventures in off-kilter music, either through his own project or collaborating with acts and artists like Christian Fennesz, Keiji Haino. Merzbow and Jim O’Rourke. One of his very frequent

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Layers of sonic magic, ritualistic pain, otherworldly sounds and audio emotions unknown to humankind. These are the thoughts that come to my mind as I listen to “Elavúlt Földbolygó (World Out Of Date)” from GRAVETEMPLE. There is no way to put this band’s music into a box, and that’s what makes it

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The latest installment of Ivan Weiss and Sam Stephenson’s Big, Bent Ears: A Serial in Documentary Uncertainty covers Nazoranai, an improvisational group consisting of Oren Ambarchi, Stephen O’Malley, and the legendary noise artist Keiji Haino. The fifty-minute documentary combines interviews with each member of Nazoranai with pieces of their amazing

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via Dazed Digital The doom and drone metal icon Stephen O’Malley of Sunn O))) fame is a man of many talents; producing music since 1993, forming many bands including KTL, Khanate and Burning Witch, not only that but he has also collabrotated with choreographers, sculptors and perfromances artists on numeroes

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