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Maybe it’s because of my Motörhead fetish that I’ll never get over, but anything that has a name starting with “Motor” gets my attention. And when I pressed play on La Vida Es Un Mus most recent band SNOB, whose first song is called “Motor Bitches,” shit just fell naturally into place. Before I even

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Ring the motherfucking ALARM!!! IMPALERS have a new LP out now via 540 Records (US)/Static Shock Records ( EU) called Cellar Dweller, and it rocks harder than…the hardest rock you can think of! From the moment you press play, this record is off to the fucking races and full of catchy riffs laced

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“I hate myself but I hate you more,” Ashley, Cold Meat vocalist. Cold Meat is a force of nature. Equal parts neo-feminist and snarling hybrid punks, this Perth-based four-piece touch on everything from toxic relationships to being repulsed by feminine hygiene products through their music. With all male-centric notions up

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