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Sūrya is a four piece experimental sludge/doom band based in London, UK. They are made up of Raquel (drums), Bartek (guitar), Greg (guitar) and Mark (bass). After the release of their demo in 2015, they unleashed the stunning ‘Apocalypse A.D.’ in 2016 through Argonauta Records. A record of incredible depth

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Automaton is an excellent psychedelic doom band with post-metal leanings from Athens, Greece. Even though they have been around for a while, their output has been sparse, having so far released a very strong debut record in Echoes of Mount Ida, followed by an even more impressive collaboration with Dr.

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Dead To A Dying World is an epic-crust/black metal band based in Texas. 2018 saw the band release a re-imagination of their debut record, Reprise. We spoke to the band to get find out what led to this look into the past and what the future holds for them: Let’s start

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Tension, Power, Awakening, Movement, Nature – are some of the words that come to my mind as I listen to the new NUR song “Trader.” Their self-titled album comes out on Feb. 2nd via Suicide Records. Check out the exclusive that is taking place below!  

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  When I was planning this series, I knew this would be the Big One. Isis’s Panopticon is the jewel in their belligerent crown, a measured, cohesive, erudite record that caps off their early development. For those of you following this series who were looking forward to more – and

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HUEY is a Brazilian band that channels an amalgam of weighty influences in an instrumental sound that sometimes hits you in the face, and at others seems to cherish your skin. And this is possible, not only but mainly, because of the vast range of music references that the quintet

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