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Photos by Marfa Capodanno I first saw Pelican perform live in 2006 as part of their City of Echoes tour and I always felt that it was City of Echoes that found the band settling to a particular tone and modus operandi. Carrying over the heavier elements of Australasia and

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Text & Photos: Bobby Cochran In its second year running, Psycho Las Vegas has become THE premiere metal gathering in the United States, drawing worldwide performers and fans alike. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is a surprisingly ideal venue for this jam-packed, expertly-curated festival, with three different sized venues

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Text Luke Bolton // Photos Gemma Shaw Fleshpress are dark, complex and atmospheric. With fingers in many musical pies, their sound touches on doom, psych, black metal and even a touch of hardcore (think more angular noise core).     Conan are like cream, they have risen to the top. The bellowing low

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Photos: Joshua Ford Since 2012, Tucson, Ariz. has served as an unholy bastion to which the depraved and devout flock. This migration is owed to the Southwest Terror Fest, a weekend-long worship of heavy music in its many forms. This year, the event’s third iteration, consisted of four nights (Oct.

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Abstracter’s Tomb of Feathers actually came out nearly a year ago and sleeping on it was a huge mistake. This sprawling album from the Oakland band is post metal in excelsis with aspects of sludge and psychedelica to boot. Frankly, there’s a lot going on in this record, which is

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