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So what do we have here? We have something new from the always different Art Rock of Årabrot. Pelagic put out their new LP Who Do You Love and today we’re keen to be sharing their new visual for the track “Maldoror’s Love.” Order Who Do You Love right here, and right now you can hit

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For their whole existence as a band, Ancestors had this uncanny ability of mixing up their heavy foundations, split between doom metal and stoner rock, with the progressive rock spirit of the ’70s and the psychedelic aura of the late ’60s. Their earlier work, Neptune With Fire and Of Sound

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Vancouver’s sludge demons BISON have a new album dropping next week on Pelagic Records, and we’re unleashing the full underworld audio horde on you today! You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient will crush your skull beneath its iron hooves and leave your splattered brains for rat food. Bang your head

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When you play in a band called The Ocean, it can’t really be that much of a surprise when you decide to do a concept album on the planet’s waters. It’s an idea that has been festering inside the mind of guitarist Robin Staps for a few years now as

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