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In case you missed out on our previous stream of the new material from Brooklyn’s reigning death metal necromancers, Mutant Supremacy, now is your chance to wallow in their latest offering of filth. Via their bandcamp, they have unleashed the full length sonic virus known as “Reincarnate”. Feel free to

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CvltureLiteratureMixed MediaPaintingSculpture

Have you ever wanted to travel to a place that is “overflowing with wonder and terror”? At 50 Avenue B in Manhattan, Lovecraft Bar has opened a portal to the fantastic depths where Cthulhu reigns, a darkly lit place of copper and stone, gorgeously painted and fitted with port holes

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For almost twenty-one years, Brooklyn born tattoo/painter Jon Clue has been channeling visions straight out of the Necronomicon itself. He has created pieces that invoke a sense of twisted worlds beyond our grasp, and of sights best left unseen. Jon has amassed a reputation within the tattoo industry for his

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80s HardcorePhotography

Piss-stained streets, CBGB’s matinees, junkies, Reagonomics and no hope were the kind of things that NYC punks had on their plates during the 80′s. I have a different kind of respect for east coast hardcore kids from back then, because we had it good on the west coast. Yeah, we

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The New York two piece Mother Brain return with a macerating cut of mince as just one of Mannequin Rein Recordings’ latest set releases for this year. Despite some familiarity with the label, I wasn’t aware of these guys prior to being offered this hefty EP. Well, I’m aware of

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