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Now This Creeps Me Out!
Footage of how RATS get in Toilets

If one thing creeped me the fuck out about my New York apartment, it was that our building had a rat problem in the hallways – plus we had mice in our actual apartment. All over the city, I would see these vermin scurrying in the subway and popping out of trash piles, and my skin would crawl every time. I would even see the pretty people eating their overpriced brunch, unaware that there were rats running under their tables. I heard about rats coming up through people’s toilets, but never fully believed that story until now…Check out this video that shows how these little fuckers can make their way through your pipes…Next time you New Yorkers are sitting on the porcelain throne, BEWARE – THEY JUST MIGHT BITE YOUR ASS!



via Dangerous Minds

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