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Fantasy storytelling often engages with a dark/light struggle, and as writers it’s tempting to portray this on a grand scale to establish a sense of threat and character motivation. It’s far harder to write a nuanced take on this. Izzi Ward’s webcomic Sephie sidesteps potential issues by closely following a

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I don’t even know where to start when it comes to the blackwork tattoos done by Strange Dust. His work blows me away every time – the contrast, the movement, the sense of foreboding. Co-owner of Black Horns Tattoo in Lyon, France, Strange Dust aka Florian is a master of

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Some of my favorite pieces in my personal jewellery collection are inspired by the natural world, animal and mineral. There are many companies that pump out nature-inspired pieces, skull after skull, but there are only a few that take their inspiration seriously and pay tribute to the creatures who share

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“The less you know, the safer you’ll be.” A common phrase for an uncommon artist, but it could suit Andy Kehoe just fine, considering that his various stories in the biography part of his websites all tell ridiculous but quite inventive origins.

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Imagine this – a young couple drives out to some deserted road. It is a spot that people call “lover’s lane”. They park the car and turn out the lights. Then suddenly, without any warning, a great hairy thing rushes out of the woods and begins beating on the windows

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This is a side step to what I will be typically reviewing and covering, but seeing how Green Elder is a folk based project musically…they have members in Twilight Fauna and Crown of Asteria – two US based black metal projects that have multiple releases on RedRiverFamily & Sylvan Scream

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