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I saw a ghost. To be fair, I actually saw two ghosts that night, but I will only defend the one. It was there, right by my face, and it was fucking ugly. Last summer I had a friend come visit me from beautiful Los Angeles. He’d never been to

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My father died on Imbolc. It was, in many ways, a perfect death. Surrounded by his son and daughter and wife, breath winding down until a final cessation. It was a death far more peaceful than maybe he actually deserved. Like all Bunch men, he was of Pictish stock and

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Ghost stories have been with us since the beginning of our recorded history. Revenants make appearances in everything from Homer’s Odyssey to the Old Testament’s invocation of ghosts by the Witch of Endor. Examples of ancestor worship are evidence of the belief and efficacy of ghosts in early human history.

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The Commonwealth of Kentucky is recognized largely for its horses, bourbon, fried chicken, college basketball, racism, homophobia, religious zealotry, cousin-fucking, and general lack of progressive thought.  While there are certainly varying degrees of truth in all of those assumptions, the oft-overlooked fact is that Kentucky has also spawned some seriously forward-thinking,

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In case you missed the smashing first edition a couple years back, good news, folks: Blood of the Wolf fest has returned for a second, deadlier volume. Based out of Lexington, Kentucky, and expanding now to 2 days’ worth of eclectic underground mayhem, BOTW made a lasting impression on the

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Corpse paint might be fading from the new crop of black metal bands. With black metal’s inverted cross-pollination taking hold with in the metal genre, the attitude and philosophy many black metal artists claim to be as important as the music is not where the influence is taking hold. So

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