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Photographer: Farrah Skeiky Site: @reallyfarrah Based in: Washington D.C. ONE: Sem Hastro  My favorite thing about this photo is that Kohei and Xavero are actually good friends. But when you’re caught up in the moment at a Damaged City after show, that’s subject to change. Both of these people came to

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Hot damn, this is just fucking AWESOME! A 1983 full set of Minor Threat straight wrecking shop @ the 9:30. They were one band I never got to see because my mom would always put me on punishment whenever they came to town. I still have regrets of going to see the

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When I think about the great music and on point politics of FUGAZI I get chills. They were way more than just a band, they were a mindstate that has spurred thought and action for generations. In my book, they were one of the best bands to come out of

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