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On the eve of the release of Alien: Covenant, the 8th entry in the popular sci-fi horror film franchise, Fox has released BIOTIC, a 90 second short film written and directed by Zev Deans, primarily known for his groundbreaking music videos for artists such as Behemoth, Ghost and Portal. To

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H.R. Giger is an artist that was way fucking before his time, and his influence on underground and pop culture is HUGE! His art, in some ways, has shown the world where it was going before it even knew how to get there. He was able to mix fantasy with

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Everyone dreams, more or less, but few people trust themselves to relate or present  their dreams, because they are inhibited from making public their perverse thoughts.   The words of H.R. Giger ring true to this day, just a couple of days past the one year anniversary of his death.

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This year marked the passing of H.R. GIGER into the realm of the unknown, and into the realm of legend. His art is transformative, and will be appreciated for generations for its surreal, nightmare landscapes and terrifying imaginings. Our comrade in film Zev Deans has put together a collection of

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Yesterday, one of the most influential artists for our dark and underground communities died. H.R. Giger, designer of the world’s most famous Alien and pioneer of dark and twisted art died at age 74 from injuries suffered from a fall. He will be missed and mourned here at CVLT Nation.

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