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The Beatles’ performance at Budokan Hall in 1966 caused a Japanese teen sensation. Nearly overnight, teens would change the way bands were formed, how popular music was played, and¬†how these¬†bands were idolized. This new sound would come to be known as Group Sounds (GS) and would lead to the creation

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It’s would be hard to imagine wrapping your head around a full album’s worth of the weirdness this bunch of Providence, Rhode Island punks have dished out on the Amyl Banshee e.p. This is not the first rodeo rodeo for Cottaging, as they share members with Ukiah Drag, Libyans, Cult

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Sion Sono’s work is a great introduction to Japanese cinema for those who had no previous contact with it – indeed, hard to believe as it is, there are people in this world who never heard of masterpiece movies such as “Ran” or “Throne in Blood“. Some of them haven’t

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Label: Rust and Machine Records Jittery, up-tempo post punk is the name of the game on this new release from Melbourne, Australia band Masses. Horde Mentality is packed full of skittering rhythms, propulsive basslines and subtly melodic guitar-work, with a slight trashy garage rock vibe and a melancholic dark wave

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