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In recent years, there hasn’t quite been any black metal band as consistently brilliant as France’s Blut Aus Nord, save maybe for their fellow countrymen and sonic brethren in Deathspell Omega. Their ‘90s output was solid, but 2004’s The Work Which Transforms God is an absolutely flawless piece of avant-garde

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Maxime Taccardi is a human that is creative beyond fucking belief, from creating insane artwork to directing sinister and deranged films. He also knows how to conjure demonic sonic terror in the form of his musical project K.F.R.. His music sounds like you have your ears connected to a dust

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No fashion, No kvlt, No trend! Just purely from the heart! This is what THE AUSTRASIAN GOAT is all about – whether it’s black metal, doom or neo-folk he’s playing, it has some a special feeling, it has it’s own atmosphere, it has something you will hardly find in the

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Year of No Light’s voyage to the throne of post metal’s monarch has taken many twists and turns through the years – namely a significant line-up shuffle after Nord that saw them sans-vocals, but now with two drummers and a solely instrumental sound. The test for this new formula was

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Let’s chat about France some more. Talk about a country that’s become a hotbed of heavy music in recent years. Whether it’s chaotic and brutal or beautiful and sublime… or a mix of all of those things, our Gallic friends really have been on it and France has definitely become

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This has been brewing a while. It’s been three years since Year of No Light’s last full-length Ausserwelt and in that time the French soundsmiths have crafted out a new niche for themselves thanks to their collaborative record with thisquietarmy and a split LP with Altar of Plagues. Vampyr sees

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