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If blood were black, it would have been touched by the ink of one of the most talented artists of the dark art of tattoo. Hidden in his little room in the back of Seven Doors Tattoo in London, Rafel Delalande is surrounded by skulls, amulets, stones, small sculptures and

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I am fascinated by the crossroads where organized religion and the occult meet, and one of the most profound places this happens is during the rites of exorcism. A religion that tells you that there is only one way to look at the supernatural, and yet tacitly cosigns the most

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I don’t believe in demonic possession. I do believe in mental illness, and personally I think that demons are a convenient scapegoat for religion, taking the onus off the individual in cases of bad behaviour, or off of God in cases of actual illness of the mind. So I fall

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Long before The Real World was even a concept, the news was where TV viewers turned to see what was happening in “reality.” Today, with the profusion of “ghost hunting” paranormal TV shows, which feature over-the-top hamming for the camera and camera techniques that try to increase the suspense and

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