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Every so often in the underground music scene, a project emerges that clocks you across the face with such force that you’re left staggered and shocked. A project that immediately demands your attention and respect as to what they can pull of with their sound. Neurosis did that to me

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Eric Quach as been at it for a minute now. Not knowing who he is or what he does is pretty much unacceptable at this point, especially if you follow a blog like this one. Ten years are not an eternity, but its a whole lot if you spent them

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From the Netherlands come GGU:LL, a crusty and unearthly doom band hailing from the home base of the Roadburn Festival: Tillburg. When you sit down to listen to this harrowing EP called Waan​:​Hoon, you get creeped out for good. As their unholy and death-ridden riffs crawl through your ears and nest into

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