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DEUIL is a band from Belgium that the world really needs to hear and I mean like right NOW! Good thing we are streaming their new track “Shock” from their upcoming album on Consouling Sounds. This band is able to shape shift Sludge and Black Metal into their own unique

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Are you ready for the filthiest mixtape of 2014? Today we’re releasing CVLT Nation’s  PURE FILTH Vol. III, sixteen tracks of the nastiest sludge to have oozed into our ears this year! Put on a garbage bag, hit play below and let the filth come flying at you! PURE FILTH

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Deuil hails from Liege, Belgium, and they are no stranger to CVLT Nation. Technically, I deserve a late pass because this track was posted by the band in mid-August and I am now just getting to it. The first I heard this band was back with their Acceptance/Rebuild release of

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