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Right now I feel sick in the fucking head! Right now I feel a sonic storm of putrid riffs attacking my whole being! Nothing is wrong with me – I’m just under the fucked up spell of Crurifragium’s Black Seed of Bestiality LP. It’s the reworking of their now classic 2015

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Say Yes to War Metal! Check out these two unhinged sets from Crurifragium and Demoncy in NYC. Both bands show the city that they can not be fucked with. When I listen to Beasts of the Temple of Satan by Crurifragium I feel like I might just lose my mind! Nuff respect due

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Bestial metal is a thing. It’s not widely-known, and none of the bands that typify it’s style are world-renowned, but then again, it’s a metal sub-genre, and Beherit is perhaps the earliest example of the Bestial metal style. What do I know? The fact that bands like Vomitchapel spew out

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