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Are we Chelsea Wolfe fans over here at CVLT Nation? The answer is yes! Check out this really cool performance she gave last year at WXPN Studio’s entitled “Chelsea Wolfe Folkadelphia Session.”

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These are busy people. This year alone, No One, Sam and Brian opened for black metal legends Watain at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, collaborated with Mayhem’s Manheim and Hellhammer, put out a full-length album (Fury Nocturnus) and a compilation (Pennhurst/Xesse) under the Total Occultic Mechanical Blasphemy (T.O.M.B.) moniker, plus another

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Photographer Krist Mort understands the symbiosis of light and dark; shadows can not exist without light to cast them. That is what makes up the theme of her new book, a project that includes exclusive audio by Russian esoterist LAMIA VOX, called INLUMAEH, which will published by Cyclic Press. It

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On June 21st, a very special performance took place in Vancouver at The Electric Owl, and it was given by CHELSEA WOLFE. The energy in the room was positive all night long. Once she hit the stage, we all became transfixed by her amazing voice; for me, her voice was

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