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If you like your riffs cooked over and open fire of hate and morbid melody, you are going to fiend for the new release from DEATHRITE. CENTURY MEDIA will be unleashing their new LP NIGHTMARES REIGN on Nov. 9th, and today keen to be sharing  their new visual for Obscure Shades. Pre-order

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THE INEXTRICABLE WANDERING is the name of the new ULTHA album that comes out on October 05, 2018 via Century Media. I have a question for you, is this a Black Metal Record? Yes it is, but it is a Black Metal Record created by humans take creative chances in

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Without a doubt, WIEGEDOOD have once again created a stunning black metal offering in De Doden Hebben Het Goed III which will once again be top of our charts in 2018. This prolific Belgian band definitely lives up to their membership in the collective Church of Ra, and has churned

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Wiegedood return with their third album, De Doden Hebben Het Goed III.  This album serves as part 3 to their album series dedicated to the loss of their good friend, Florent Pevée (from the band, Kabul Golf Club). Wiegedood are a black metal trio from Belgium, consisting of members from both Oathbreaker

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One of my favorite Black Metal releases of 2018 so far is Wiegedood’s De Doden Hebben Het Goed III that comes out April 20th via Century Media. Check out this intense full set of them performing at  Zoccolo 2.0 Club 25.03.2018, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Stay tuned for our full review of this new

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Oh my Satan! Who can be more necro than Necro-fuckin-wretch? Al Necro digs Necrowretch. Call me a necrowretch right now, fuckers! Whatever the hell that is! What about a monkey wrench? I sure need one. I got my screws loose after headbangin to Necrowretch’s latest, With Serpents Scourge. Get this

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