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The sky has darkened Thirteen as we are We are collected woeful around a book Made of human flesh – Mayhem “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” Not only macabre inspiration for black metal lyrics or H.P. Lovecraft, one book published as recently as 1923 is rumoured to be bound in human

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Five years after releasing the great book of metal Sound of The Beast (2004), Ian Christe decided that was time to be his own boss and created Bazillion Points, a truly DIY press that was introduced to the world with the masterpiece Swedish Death Metal (Daniel Ekeroth). Since then, the New York

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Who is Max G. Morton? There’s a surprising dearth of information online about this writer and publisher; a Google search yields about two articles, while in comparison, an eBay search usually shows up one or more of his books going for upwards of two hundred bucks each. So who the

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