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Hailing from France, Autokrator are by far one of my current favorites and best kept secrets in the Black/Death underground, and thankfully for myself and others like me, they don’t keep us waiting for long between releases, as they just notched their third album in as many years with Hammer

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Like carpet bombing a swath of civilization with no warning, so too has the two piece totalitarian outfit Autokrator swiftly and abruptly erupted upon the underground, sending an undulating shock wave of fear and terror throughout its nethermost regions. Without a known demo or rehearsal to their name, Autokrator suddenly

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A farce of an election that ridiculizes human intelligence is coming up, and while we all brace ourselves for the millionth lesser evil that will drag us to our grave, all around us the world crumbles, cops get shittier and do shittier things, the racial divide in this country worsens, Syrian

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Here are three bands operating in the realm of death-doom metal, which in this case should be taken loosely as: all three bands are very different from one another, and slither in and out of various genres other than simply death and doom metal. Nevertheless, all three rule, and not only

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