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Anyone who is a fan of horror and gore needs to check out the masterpieces created by PALLBEARER PRESS! What’s your favorite horror movie? Chances are Pallbearer Press has made it into a sick tee. Alucarda? Hellraiser? The Exorcist? Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Ilsa? Suspiria? All of these and more are

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ENZO SCIOTTI immortalized horror culture during the 70’s and 80’s with his iconic movie posters. I love the way he used vivid colors and the right amount of sex to draw in the viewer. I could see so many of his images as speed metal record covers, or even Toxic

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Watching an epic, hour-long battle scene on Game of Thrones the other day, it occurred to me how immune I had become from scenes of violence. Graphic slayings, beheadings, throat-cuttings and flayings no longer made me squirm or look away. Since my childhood in the 80s, I have developed a

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Easter is approaching. In true spirit of the occasion, it’s somewhat fitting to revisit a classic movie about the dead rising. Why? Jesus Christ is said to have been crucified, died and then risen from the grave. Some people consider this to be miracle and claim him to be a

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