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Stapled to the Wall: REIVERS “State Effects​/​/​Trait Effects” 7″ Review + Stream

Holy shit, does this 7″ EP smash your face up! REIVERS are fucking back and we couldn’t be happier about this, cause this new release from these awesome Oakland hardcore bruisers just simply fucking rips! Press play on this EP and opener Bounden immediately proceeds to kick you around like a helpless rag doll – and from then on, once the music starts on this blistering EP, shit is over, there is no stopping these guys, they will just fuck you up and stack one bruise on top of another all over your sorry body. The band is formed by members of Negative Standards (Will here plays bass and does backup vocals), and former members of Acts of Sedition and Graf Orlock, and just as you would expect from the awesome scene they come from, this is top notch Bay Area crusty hardcore of the highest degree and of the most merciless kind, the type of punk rock which is rage-injected to no end and highly political.

We’re talking about less than ten minutes of music here, but holy shit, one minute more of this snowballing fucking rage and this pup would rip your face off, it’s so caustic and suffocating. REIVERS (much like their ultra brutal peers Negative Standards) are a band you just can’t fuck with. Their music makes statements that you simply can’t debate. Oppose them, get into their path and you will get smacked around for days. This music will get its point across and it will not give a shit if you accept it or not, it will plow right through you. Stylistically, there is nothing new under the sun, but in this context that’s a great thing. This is in fact old school, belligerent and highly confrontational metallic hardcore, the same heard from legendary bands like Slapshot, Dropdead, Void, Capitalist Causalities, and Poison Idea, but with a very modern twist. The rhythms are relentless and the songwriting is nothing short of staggering. These songs just whip your ass with an incredible consistency, and breathing room is limited – the air vacuumed from your lungs by one punishing blow after another. To top it all, there are some pretty fucking amazing vocals and social commentary coming from vocalist Kate, who delivers a heart-wrenching performance behind the mic, and some pretty amazing production coming from the wizard of doom himself, Greg Wilkson of Earhammer Studios, which has provided thick as fucking tar guitars that make the release even more destructive and fucking crushing. Another amazing release from the Oakland punk scene that is seemingly as unrivaled as ever before right now.

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