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Slide into the Soft Seductive Shoegaze of GLAZYHAZE “Saltless”

There’s a reason why we strive to find and showcase the strange and wonderful creations of human beings on CVLT Nation. It’s because the wet blanket of normalcy has always felt oppressive to Sean and I and we are always looking for other humans who want to cast it off and find community with their fellow weirdos. I love how Glazyhaze‘s new video for their song “Saltless” starts and ends with the static TV screens of my youth that don’t exist anymore because we live in an age of unending infotainment and aggressive visual brainwashing. Their dreamy shoegaze feels like it’s wrapping its fuzzy arms around me and coaxing me into a welcome numbness, where I don’t have to see the contradictions and juxtapositions of normal, where I just feel that sweet screen-induced peace. “Saltless” is off their debut record Just fade away that’s out May 19th via Slimer Records — stay tuned for it here. Right now, watch our premiere of “Saltless” below and be grateful for what makes you spicy…

“Saltless,” ‘with a lack of salt’, is an Italian saying to describe all that is devoid of personality and character and it’s the word Glazyhaze has decided to use to denounce a society that crushes people’s individuality and forces everyone to fit into its schemes.

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Meghan MacRae grew up in Vancouver, Canada, but spent many years living in the remote woods. Living in the shadow of grizzly bears, cougars and the other predators of the wilderness taught her about the dark side of nature, and taught her to accept her place in nature's order as their prey. She is co-founder of CVLT Nation.

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