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SLC’s SCULPTURE CLUB to release radiant new LP ‘Worth’

Unless you’ve been living like a cloistered nun in Siberia, you’ve probably heard that Salt Lake City, Utah is finally fulfilling its destiny prophesied in the notorious film masterpiece SLC Punk. With loads of novel, professional bands from all over the underground spectrum sprouting up like defiant begonias through the foundations of the city’s absurd religiosity. Notably among them is SCULPTURE CLUB, known not only for their preeminent post-punk turnout but also their star-studded lineup, including members of CHOIR BOY and HUMAN LEATHER.

This latest release sees the addition of acoustic guitars, violins, and some unidentifiable ambiance that brings levity to the coincidental bass lines underscoring melodic passages reminiscent of Echo & The Bunnymen but with the whispered inconsolable pleas of The Cure. Tempos vary all over the album to give us some dynamism as the sparkling guitar glissandos and glitter-dotted piano lines carry us to the heights of blissful self-inquiry or dispiriting pits of loneliness. It all comes out in the wash of requiem we come to crave as solace from the war constantly raging inside us all. In all the message’s bittersweet reflections is a genuine literalism often feigned by imposters to dejection. Worth‘s poppiness is sorely overshadowed by its authentic yearning for heart-mending. The album is available for pre-order here and comes out May 14th!

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