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Slaves Beyond Death!

Photos: Taylor Ferguson

The Southern Lord Tour featuring BLACK BREATH, GOATSNAKE, BATTALION OF SAINTS and OBLITERATIONS was off the FUCKING CHAIN! Besides seeing killer bands rip shit all night long, I was in the company of friends from Seattle and Vancouver, which made the bight even better! I could give a riff by riff account of the show, but that would be boring compared to the pictures that were taken by Taylor Ferguson.

I thought OBLITERATIONS were rad before this show, but seeing them with Joey Castillo on drums was fucking mind blowing. As a unit, these dudes get tighter by the minute and their next record just might explode your turntable! GOATSNAKE is one of those bands that have so much passion behind their huge riffs it’s almost addictive. BATTALION OF SAINTS  brought the sound of the 80’s with all of their classics – hearing them took me back to my childhood.

I got a chance to smoke a bowl with Nile and Elijah of BLACK BREATH and we talked about our love of metal and the gentrification of their hometown (a city I hold dear to my heart). We also talked about their new album Slaves Beyond Death and how it expresses their love for all things rock & roll. Witnessing their set was like putting your body in an Heavy Metal tornado and being blown away to another universe. BLACK BREATH live are able to achieve such a level of intensity, they seem to become their own force of nature. Everything in the path of their audio riff storm might just be destroyed. What makes them so awesome is that all of the members are huge fans of music above anything else, and they fucking give it their ALL! Slaves Beyond Death rocks hard but seeing them live is something that every metal head should experience at least once in their life time. Now it’s time for shout outs – goodlooking out Meghan, Chad, Andrew, Ryan, Taylor, Greg, Sam, Steve, Adam, Chris, Tom, April, Ian, The Highline Staff, Dylan, Joe and everyone who raged that night! Now peep some amazing photos below!


ObliterationsDSC_9846 ObliterationsDSC_9847

ObliterationsDSC_9864 ObliterationsDSC_9873 ObliterationsDSC_9874 ObliterationsDSC_9889 ObliterationsDSC_9892 ObliterationsDSC_9897 ObliterationsDSC_9900 ObliterationsDSC_9902 ObliterationsDSC_9904


GoatsnakeDSC_9922 GoatsnakeDSC_9924 GoatsnakeDSC_9926 GoatsnakeDSC_9928 GoatsnakeDSC_9931 GoatsnakeDSC_9937 GoatsnakeDSC_9938 GoatsnakeDSC_9940 GoatsnakeDSC_9943 GoatsnakeDSC_9949 GoatsnakeDSC_9950


BlackBreathDSC_0010 BlackBreathDSC_0014 BlackBreathDSC_0018 BlackBreathDSC_0022 BlackBreathDSC_0023 BlackBreathDSC_0026 BlackBreathDSC_0027 BlackBreathDSC_9954 BlackBreathDSC_9960 BlackBreathDSC_9964 BlackBreathDSC_9966 BlackBreathDSC_9967 BlackBreathDSC_9968 BlackBreathDSC_9971 BlackBreathDSC_9977 BlackBreathDSC_9978 BlackBreathDSC_9983 BlackBreathDSC_9995 BlackBreathDSC_9999

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