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Skate Rock RULES!!!
Thrasher Magazine: Blast From The Past and Present

80’s Hardcore & Skateboarding have always been connected, ever since I can remember! Ask almost any old-school head how they got around town in the 80’s, and they will say skating. Thrasher Magazine, from day one, was a part of the punk scene. It got to the point where these two cultures could not be separated, which really became evident when the term “skate rock” found its way into our vocabulary. I have mad fond memories of going to skate-inspired shows in both L.A. & S.F…But enough of me talking – check out this kick ass video Thrasher Magazine: Blast From The Past and Present, featuring on-point skating from the 80’s, plus rad live footage from The Dick, Agent Orange, Code Of Honor and more…SKATE & DESTROY!!!

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