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Experience the Relentless Raw Noise Punk of ENZYME ‘Golden Dystopian Age’ Full Stream + Way More!

PHOTO by Michael Thorn

What the AWESOME do we have here? We have the INSANELY off-the-chain new Enzyme album called Golden Dystopian Age that comes out on July 14th via LA VIDA ES UN MUS DISCOS & HARDCORE VICTIM (order HERE & HERE). From the very first moment I pressed play I felt as if I was transported inside the movie Escape From New York + Los Angeles. There is a constant apocalyptic BUZZ of annihilation that runs through every second of this album. Real talk, I feel like Enzyme is half D-Beat Cyborgs and Half D-Beat wizards who have conjured up an album that is here to rock and electrocute the world! Anthems like Masquerade will plug your brain cells into a universe where pulsating Electro Beats converge with Mutated Raw Punk only to become something that is truly otherworldly. Can y’all imagine Disorder, Crucifix, Disclose, KLF, and Atari Teenage Roits had a creative love session — the outcome just might sound like parts of Golden Dystopian Age. I love the way that this band was willing to create outside of the D-Beat box to manifest a special offering that has set the bar HIGH! Lyrically, Enzyme has something to say and I’m all ears because I respect their worldview. They close out the album with the banger “Farce” and after just one listen you will realize that this band is next level! It gets better because the band is coming to the States in August and y’all can peep the poster below. Oh yeah, make sure to watch their sick visual “Golden Dystopian Age” VHS video that is also in this feature. I want to say thank you to the band for allowing us to stream Golden Dystopian Age in full below. How cyborg can D-Beat get? Ask Enzyme!

by @fuzzed_atrocities and @short_sharp_shock_ .
Artwork by: Zach Malakonas, Stu Marshall & Yeap

Enzyme Golden Dystopian Age Merch

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