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80s Hardcore

Punk photography in 3-d: 5 PUNK Photographers you should follow.

Photo by M. Thorn

I have been a fan of photography since I could open my eyes. I remember as a kid I would get lost in my family photo albums. Then in the 70’s I got hooked on Skateboarder Magazine and I would gaze at those photos for hours. Then I got into the punk scene in the 80’s and I loved checking out photos from shows, but the quality in zines sucked. Which is why I love the photography of 2020, because the quality is off the chain. So many punks around the world take photos and document their scenes. Some of them focus on live pictures of bands and others focus on people in the scene. It’s so important for photographers to archive our scene because years from now these photos will be a glimpse into a world that’s past, but these photos will help push our culture into the future. Today CVLT Nation wants to shed light on five Punk Photographers from around the world! While creating this feature it made me smile to realize that we’re a global community.

Rob Coons

Christina Carlsen

Simon Marsham 35mm fotos punk

M. Thorn aka Razor Blades and Aspirin

Mxhdazlan aka KXNGAZLAN

Miles Claibourn aka ducktapeyouth

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80s Hardcore

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