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Portraits Of… Belgian 80’s Punk Culture

I grew up at a time when the internet didn’t exist, but we did have MRR with it’s scene reports that turned me on to so many bands from around the world! One reason I enjoy doing these Portraits of 80’s Punk Culture is because all we had back in the day were fucked up xerox copies of photos, so now I get to see the real things. Today we would like to celebrate 80’s BELGIAN punk culture. Punk rock changed so many people’s lives on a global level, which is beyond fucking awesome!

All Photos Taken From 80s hardcore punk photos

394583_348422538570823_1121998389_nHEIBEL 17.04.1987 pictures by Jo Reynders Thanx Brob

391481_348422591904151_754360758_nHEIBEL 17.04.1987 pictures by Jo Reynders Thanx Brob Tilt

481997_349153258497751_583061293_nDAWN OF LIBERTY

391693_349153301831080_622482607_nDAWN OF LIBERTY


HATE CREW 2.4.1988 pictures by Phil Anthonis CREW 2.4.1988 pictures by Phil Anthonis

387152_351870051559405_1332067258_nHEIBEL, UK Tour 1987, Bradford, 1in12 Club, photo by Kockie de Kock

311560_351869851559425_613397666_nHEIBEL, UK Tour 1987, Bradford, 1in12 Club, photo by Kockie de Kock

576144_356400414439702_302282288_nPJD (Private Jesus Detector)

283918_358298124249931_710741033_nHIATUS Willy (vocals) 1994

Private Jesus Detector

524403_362334387179638_971299029_nVortex & No debt – photo from split LP

387104_366139553465788_463053573_nHiatus, U-club, Blava, Slovakia 1993
Thanx Robert Marjanski



271792_369300596483017_1520857071_oMoral Demolition

46206_381732515239825_1527920093_nDe Brassers

395100_385382434874833_26409238_nMoral Demolition

tnx Helge Schreiber

380194_404695639610179_420413744_nBad Influence ,Polski Bialystok 1988 WITH ZYGOTE ON WADCA HEAVEN TOUR


15630_409325935813816_888635143_nPhlegm Attack ,Paanhuis,Diest

156403_412183188861424_696642553_nDIRTY SCUMS – 31.7.88 in Eernegem, Belgium, photo by Serge Harvent

734825_417422711670805_1434907334_nHEIBEL 17.04.1987
pictures by Jo Reynders

photo by Eric ‘React’

1003119_494714817274927_344377074_nCapital Scum

The Dirty Scums @ 1986

HEIBEL @ UK 1987

10294463_647932705286470_4698834111157556666_nCapital Scum
Thanx Peter Laeremans

10440096_671534469592960_3321969847000862577_nKoyaanisqatsi @ Antwerpen, 1985
Thanx Dirk Ceustermans

10369573_714939881919085_5385401430717536498_nEar Damage

5Less @ Van Hall – Amsterdam

11988481_953479448065126_4933900766820823802_nMoral Demolition

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