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Raise your Bongs to the Sky! Experience the Psychedelic Sludge of SLUNG FROM A TREE ‘Voyage into Cosmos’

Excuse Me as I hug my HIGH! Excuse Me as I blast Doom that makes me FLY! Excuse Me as I catch a ride on the sounds of the new Slung From A Tree record Voyage into Cosmos. Unholy hell yes, this band has fucking killed with this offering. I love the cosmic-infused Psychedelic Sludge that this band is laying down on all of their songs. I have said it before and I will happily say it again: When Sludge is created with the right passion it takes the shape of modern-day BLUES. Slung From A Tree’s songs come with a healthy dose of green sonic fuzz that explodes in your ears and then enters your heart chakra. “Noise Pollution” is a weeddelica anthem that starts with a mammoth riff that is totally captivating! Vocally, this band hits the spot, and musically, you already know that I rate them. I know for a fact that Voyage into Cosmos will end up on our End of the Year Doom list without a doubt because it’s that FUCKING GOOD! I want to give a massive shout to Cursed Monk for releasing this killer album on 4/20. Raise your Bongs to the Sky, Get HIGH, and listen to Slung From A Tree!

Artwork by Ciaran Coghlan @obsidian_imagery
Written By

Sentient 51423

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