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Walk on the Grind Side! Premiere: TRANSIENT “Cave Mouth”

Come and walk on the grind side with us! Come walk on the real side with us! Come walk on the TRANSIENT side! Their new Lp Sources Of Human Satisfaction comes out on Aug. 10th via Six Week Records. CVLT Nation is SUPER HYPED to be sharing with you their new track “Cave Mouth” streaming below.

Krysta Martinez of TRANSIENT states:

“Cave Mouth is cool because we all contributed riffs and the rhythms of the song – slow, looming, and then more manic, follow the lyrical content and stay true to the band’s overall style. Everyone’s had times in their lives when they’re feeling empowered, just really awesome and satisfied, and then not. Empowered. Disempowered. Empowered again. The shift can happen in a matter of moments, days, weeks, years, but it will happen – this shift is the only constant. I guess you could say we’re skeptical of satisfaction. The transience of feelings, in particular the loss of good feelings, is kind of what the song is about.”


On collaborating with Bastard Noise/Eric Wood, TRANSIENT offers, “We are friends with Eric Wood and he has shown much admiration for the band over the years. We decided for the new record we didn’t just want to stack song after gnarly song – we wanted something to help it transcend to a new level. The idea of having noise was brought up, but we wanted someone who could harness the chaos of circuit bending and signal clipping into something more refined. Someone said ‘Let’s ask Wood’ so we phoned him, and he was immediately on board with the idea. We explained the emotions we were trying to get across from one piece to the next. He studied the lyrics and the mood of each song carefully then went into the studio and did his thing. We couldn’t be happier with the result. The new songs have a darker more reaching sound while still remaining true to the band’s sound. The pummeling grind sections are met with mid-tempo hooks and dark trudging dissonance. Combining the maelstrom of grinding sludge with the awful beauty of Wood’s Bastard Noise passages is something like a higher being communicating with early man.”



Portland, Oregon-based grindcore squad TRANSIENT – featuring members of Landmine Marathon, Endorphins Lost, and more – will re-emerge this summer with their second LP, Sources Of Human Satisfaction, set for release via Six Weeks Records on August 10th. The album sees the quartet joined by infamous noise architect Eric Wood of Bastard Noise.

It has been almost five years since TRANSIENT’s self-titled debut LP was released, and in that time the band has reworked the lineup and honed their attack to a more bludgeoning unit, which now comes becomes apparent in the form of the band’s scorching second LP,Sources Of Human Satisfaction. In addition to the unrelenting whirlwind grinding the band is known for, layers of noise/wrath from Eric Wood, known for his demoralizing noise tactics through Man Is The Bastard, Bastard Noise, and more. The crushing and caustic elements coalesce into a wild and demented release which packs eleven tracks into twenty minutes of pure auditory discontent.

The band offers, “The title and concept of the album Sources Of Human Satisfaction deals with human happiness and unhappiness – how people aim to please themselves often through external factors and achievements rather than through a focus on and cultivation of internal controls.  Why do we seek what we seek and desire what we desire?”




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