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Portugal’s Burning Light Fest Day Two HUGE Photo Essay!

Photos: Pedro Roque

This past weekend, a festival of epic proportions went down in Portugal – the Burning Light Fest! Today CVLT Nation has a huge photo essay from Day Two of the fest via Pedro Roque, who captured the performances of Infra, Oblivionized, Hymn, Acid Deathtrip, Cowards, Morte Incandescente, Tombstones, Process Of Guilt, Mantar, Bolzer, The Black Heart Rebellion and Schonwald. Check out Day One here!

Festival Life Ambiance Festival Life Ambiance2 Festival Life Ambiance3 Festival Life Ambiance5 Festival Life Ambiance6 Festival Life Ambiance7 Festival Life Ambiance8 Festival Life Ambiance9 Festival Life Ambiance10 Festival Life Ambiance11 Festival Life Ambiance12 Festival Life Ambiance13 Festival Life Ambiance14 Festival Life Ambiance15 Festival Life Ambiance17 Festival Life Ambiance18 Festival Life Ambiance19 Festival Life Ambiance20


1 Infra 1 Infra2 1 Infra3 1 Infra4 1 Infra5 1 Infra6 1 Infra7 1 Infra8


2 Oblivionized 2 Oblivionized2 2 Oblivionized3 2 Oblivionized4 2 Oblivionized5


3 Hymn 3 Hymn2 3 Hymn3 3 Hymn4 3 Hymn5 3 Hymn6 3 Hymn7

Acid Deathtrip

4 Acid Deathtrip 4 Acid Deathtrip2 4 Acid Deathtrip3 4 Acid Deathtrip4 4 Acid Deathtrip5 4 Acid Deathtrip6 4 Acid Deathtrip7 4 Acid Deathtrip8 4 Acid Deathtrip9


5 Cowards 5 Cowards2 5 Cowards3 5 Cowards4 5 Cowards5 5 Cowards6 5 Cowards7 5 Cowards8 5 Cowards9 5 Cowards10

Morte Incandescente

6 Morte Incandescente 6 Morte Incandescente2 6 Morte Incandescente3 6 Morte Incandescente4 6 Morte Incandescente5 6 Morte Incandescente6 6 Morte Incandescente7


7 Tombstones 7 Tombstones2 7 Tombstones3 7 Tombstones4 7 Tombstones5 7 Tombstones6

Process Of Guilt

8 Process Of Guilt 8 Process Of Guilt2 8 Process Of Guilt3 8 Process Of Guilt4 8 Process Of Guilt5 8 Process Of Guilt6 8 Process Of Guilt7 8 Process Of Guilt8 8 Process Of Guilt9


9 Mantar 9 Mantar2 9 Mantar3 9 Mantar4 9 Mantar5 9 Mantar6 9 Mantar7 9 Mantar8


10 Bolzer 10 Bolzer2 10 Bolzer3 10 Bolzer4 10 Bolzer5 10 Bolzer6 10 Bolzer7 10 Bolzer8 10 Bolzer9 10 Bolzer10 10 Bolzer11 10 Bolzer12 10 Bolzer13 10 Bolzer14

The Black Heart Rebellion

11 The Black Heart Rebellion 11 The Black Heart Rebellion2 11 The Black Heart Rebellion3 11 The Black Heart Rebellion4 11 The Black Heart Rebellion5 11 The Black Heart Rebellion6 11 The Black Heart Rebellion7 11 The Black Heart Rebellion8 11 The Black Heart Rebellion9


12 Schonwald 12 Schonwald2 12 Schonwald3 12 Schonwald4 12 Schonwald5

Written By

Meghan MacRae grew up in Vancouver, Canada, but spent many years living in the remote woods. Living in the shadow of grizzly bears, cougars and the other predators of the wilderness taught her about the dark side of nature, and taught her to accept her place in nature's order as their prey. She is co-founder of CVLT Nation.

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