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80s Hardcore

Portraits of…German Punk Culture From The ’80s pt. 3

In the 80’s, punks faced a global struggle with the mainstream and the police from around the world and through it, we became an international family of misfits. It was hard to visualize what other scenes looked like, because all we had were bad xerox photos and a whole lot of imagination. This is why our Portraits of 80’s punk culture series is so important to me, because it give us a chance to share with the world a piece of very important youth culture. PunkFoto from Germany is the biggest archive of 80’s punk culture online, and we salute them with Part 3: Portraits of… German Punk Culture from the 80’s…see more on the PunkFoto Facebook Page.


m_punk_photo_dirk-eisermann_1983_695 m_punk_photo_dirk-eisermann_1983_696 m_punk_photo_dirk-eisermann_1983_697 m_punk_photo_dirk-eisermann_1983_699 m_punk_photo_jockel-finck_1983_6062 m_punk_photo_juergen-schalla_1983_700 m_punk_photo_juergen-schalla_1983_701 m_punk_photo_juergen-schalla_1983_702 m_punk_photo_juergen-schalla_1983_703 m_punk_photo_juergen-schalla_1983_711 m_punk_photo_juergen-schalla_1983_714 m_punk_photo_juergen-schalla_1983_721 m_punk_photo_juergen-schalla_1983_723 m_punk_photo_juergen-schalla_1983_725 m_punk_photo_juergen-schalla_1983_726 m_punk_photo_juergen-schalla_1983_727 m_punk_photo_juergen-schalla_1983_728 m_punk_photo_juergen-schalla_1983_729 m_punk_photo_juergen-schalla_1983_730

66436_10151241462782532_1512024000_n 67475_10151241462967532_1266520350_n 69672_10151241462942532_1297965054_n 71833_10151241462372532_49183021_n 75841_10151241462912532_47953384_n 76333_10151241462577532_1557580530_n 269282_10151241462997532_150691542_n 310045_10151241462672532_1794191376_n 386981_10151241462902532_102080934_n 397495_10151241462637532_164735158_n 419657_10151241462487532_808637323_n 486055_10151241462817532_947873743_n 528898_10151241462892532_1830460722_n 538974_10151241462607532_2075858820_n 539023_10151241462502532_1237534242_n 554503_10151241462662532_1496245912_n 555338_10151241462852532_1301959607_n 555409_10151241462082532_351504205_n 555441_10151241462112532_1355690022_n 556381_10151241462527532_2063553894_n 601174_10151241462732532_165428290_n 602963_10151241462267532_899051555_n 603103_10151241462787532_1722974829_n 603158_10151241462957532_1076701393_n

m_punk_photo_dirk-eisermann_1983_656 m_punk_photo_dirk-eisermann_1983_657 m_punk_photo_dirk-eisermann_1983_658 m_punk_photo_dirk-eisermann_1983_659 m_punk_photo_dirk-eisermann_1983_660 m_punk_photo_dirk-eisermann_1983_661 m_punk_photo_dirk-eisermann_1983_662 m_punk_photo_dirk-eisermann_1983_663 m_punk_photo_dirk-eisermann_1983_664 m_punk_photo_dirk-eisermann_1983_665 m_punk_photo_dirk-eisermann_1983_666 m_punk_photo_dirk-eisermann_1983_667 m_punk_photo_dirk-eisermann_1983_669 m_punk_photo_dirk-eisermann_1983_671 m_punk_photo_dirk-eisermann_1983_672 m_punk_photo_dirk-eisermann_1983_674 m_punk_photo_dirk-eisermann_1983_676 m_punk_photo_dirk-eisermann_1983_678 m_punk_photo_dirk-eisermann_1983_680

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