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Plug Your Reality into The NEO INDUSTRIAL Soundscapes of HEALTH’s ‘Rat Wars’

No other band does it like HEALTH — and that’s a big fucking FACT! Their soon-to-be-released album Rat Wars is a perfect balance between Industrial Power and Ethereal Soundscapes. HEALTH’s music is an audio landscape that is devoid of rules and will also make you while the band creates these sonic portals of freedom. While blasting Rat Wars, I can’t help but feel like the movie Escape from New York has come to life in the musical form of one of their songs.

As the tension builds on their song “Hateful,” my body goes into chills and then Jake Duzsik’s angelic vocals kick in to shift my whole mind state. “Unloved” pulsates at the pace of the listener’s heartbeat while transporting you to a ’90s Techno party in East Berlin. The lead riff on the song “CHILDREN OF SORROW” is hard as FUCK and everything else about this song is otherworldy! HEALTH is actually really good for my mental health because BIG TUNES like “Sicko” give me the inner strength to say FTW I control my own reality! It must be said that the said song vibrates with metallic angst and drips with sonic cyber insanity. Jake Duzsik is one of my favorite vocalists ever which is why his vocal delivery on “Ashamed” is tattoed on my psyche.

As the world spins on its axis of madness, immersing my reality in Rat Wars feels like a safe space. HEALTH’s Rat Wars comes out on Dec. 7th via Loma Vista Recordings and I want to say thanks to the band for making me feel sane in this insane world!

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