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Experience the Big Tunes of MILITARIE GUN’s ‘Life Under The Gun’ LP

Whoa, the new MILITARIE GUN album Life Under The Gun out now on Loma Vista Recordings is a HUGE can of Sonic Awesomeness that’s extremely addictive and will have you smiling and dancing at the same time. Real talk, I’m writing this from a pure place of happiness because I can’t listen to this band without feeling good to be alive. Imagine if Fugazi, Modest Mouse, Pinback, and the Pixies decided to have an audio Love Child, the offspring would sound like Life Under The Gun. Songs like “Very High” put a gigantic smile on my face and let me know that nothing in this world can stop me from being me! Ian has a knack for writing lyrics that tap into the youthful spirit that lives within us all. “Big Disappointment” is another MILITARIE GUN anthem that does not disappoint, uplifting the listener to a cool state of mind. Musically, all of the songs on this album demonstrate the sense of unity and friendship that exists within this band!

If you have not seen this band live, they are beyond amazing. No matter who you are, we all know that the state of the world is upside down for so many reasons, and bands like MILITARIE GUN give us the space to be ourselves. The tunes “See You Around” and “Life Under The Gun” close out this insanely rad record, and they both are BIG TUNES! I can’t front, I’m stoked we got a copy of the vinyl when it first dropped, and I look forward to blasting it over and over. MILITARIE GUN is hitting the road soon with SCOWL, MS Paint, and Big Laugh — all of y’all should go to that show, FACTS! Yo MILITARIE GUN, I want to say thank you for creating a record that going to make me feel good for years to come!

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