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I N E P S Y The Lost Tracks: Premiere “Power and Glory (Fuck the)”

Calling all Metal Heads, Punks and Humans that are willing to take a stand against Human Garbage: I N E P S Y are about to put out 7 unreleased songs Sept. 18th via RUNSTATE Tapes. With all of the fucked up shit happening around the world, we need music like this to be the soundtrack to the tidal wave of rage that is building as I write this. On a personal level, I N E P S Y creates the kind of hi-octane, powerful tunes that I love, plus their riffs make the hair on the back of my neck stand the fuck up! It’s such a great honor to be sharing with you their never before heard song “Power and Glory (Fuck the).” This will be the last I N E P S Y release ever, so make sure to pick up a copy the pre-order that’s happening HERE!


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