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My Love Letter to DARK MARK VS SKELETON JOE: This Album is like No Other!

I write this from a place of LOVE! I write this from a place of struggle! I write this from a place of Amazement! Mark Lanegan (RIP) and Joe Cardamone came together in 2021 to create the Dark Mark vs Skeleton Joe album which might be one of the most moving records ever made! I have been a fan of both of these artists for years, so when I heard that they made this project, I was beyond stoked. I do feel that both of these humans pushed each other into new creative places that neither of them had ever been to. When I hear Mark’s voice on songs like “Lost Animals” or “Hiraeth” (which brings me to tears) I’m so happy that I know about this album. The song “Skeleton Joe Manifesto” says it all. Damn, the tune “Cold Summer” makes me cry, too. Joe manifested sonic soundscapes that allowed Mark’s voice to soar and take the listener to higher heights!

While blasting Dark Mark vs Skeleton I feel like I’m headed down the deserted streets of Hollywood, running away from my fears. This album is HEAVY AF not because of the music, but because of how it makes you feel deep inside! Real talk, this is one of the sickest collections of soul songs ever put together. I’m amazed at the richness of Mark’s voice and I can’t help but feel his pain. That being said, there is something very uplifting about it. I love songs like “Sanctified” with its industrial house vibe. Dark Mark vs Skeleton is not a single-driven project because these two artists wanted to create a world for the listener to experience. Lyrically and musically, this record won’t be fully understood for decades to come. Joe, if you are reading this, I love you.

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Relapse DF 92123
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