Most Repulsive & Unhygienic Sludge You Will Hear Today! New OPEN TOMB Song Streaming Now! - CVLT Nation
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Most Repulsive & Unhygienic Sludge You Will Hear Today!
New OPEN TOMB Song Streaming Now!

I can feel the maggots crawling around me leaving their shit-stained sludge everywhere! Actually, I’m just feeling the after effects of listening to the new OPEN TOMB album Dead Weight that is being released on Aug. 6th via Dry Cough Records. These titans of everything slow and dirty are back in full filth for all of us to sludge to! Be careful, because too much OPEN TOMB can cause death by choking on putrified riffs. CVLT Nation has been given the smelly honor of streaming this diseased band’s new song “Abandoned In A Pit” below…Make sure to head over to Dry Cough Records and pre-order HERE the top contender for sludge album of the year by OPEN TOMB…Dead Weight RULES!

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