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Midnite Communion Compilation 16 Tracks of HEAVY!!!

Our comrades over at Midnite Collective have done it again and are about to drown Southern California under the weight of the Heavy Fest that is called Midnite Communion. From Nov. 11 to Nov. 13th, this event will be happening in Long Beach with some of the sickest bands from all across the states doing what the fuck they do best: creating sonic havok with their d-tuned madness. I must say that organizer Ryan Avery has outdone himself, because not only are the bands next level, but he also will have some of the raddest illustrators in the game on hand sharing their creativity with the world! If you are within a 100 miles of SoCal and consider yourself a heavy music lover, this event should not be missed. We are so freaking honored to be sharing with you today the official Midnite Communion Verse IV comp (check out the track listing to see how unreal the line up is thei year)…To buy a cassette version, head over to Midnite Communion’s Bandcamp.

Compilation Cover Art by Dylan Garrett Smith IG: @dylanxvx



Midnite Congregation, Verse IV: Return to Dirt
1. Cloven – Ancient Sorrow 07:21
2. Communion – Run With the Sky 16:54
3. Trapped Within Burning Machinery – Submergence 05:48
4. INVDRS – Cemetery S.L.U.T. 06:42
5. Fister – The Failure 07:38
6. Hell – Inscriptus 05:01
7. Fistula – Serial Vapist 01:57
8. Damad – Rewind 04:16
9. Cough – Fuck Up 07:28
10. Un – Through The Luminous Dusk 10:16
11. Teeth – To Lay Upon Blistered Thorns 04:18
12. Aseethe – Into The Mire (Live) 11:00
13. Funerary – Descent 07:35
14. 16 – Glass Tornado (ANB Cover) 02:08
15. Destroy Judas – To What End 16:33
16. Sutratma – Between The Stars (Alternate Mix) (bonus) 06:22
Midnite Communion poster attached, frame by Adrian Baxter IG: @@adrianbaxter
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