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Metalpunk of the Highest Order! Experience ZORN’s Sick AF Album

WTF repeat this 666 times: WTF!!! The new self-titled ZORN album out now on Sorry State Records is fucking JOHN BLAZE and hotter than an erupting Volcano!!! Every tune is truly a rip-roaring anthem that will give any Metal Punk-loving human eargasms all day long! So I have been a fan of this band from day one but after experiencing this record I’m a full-on STAN! From the very first track, “The Spell of The Fairy Tree,” I realized this band is on a mission to make even the UNDEAD headbang their asses off in their graves! It’s as if every ZORN song has magical powers that will put the listener into a state of Blackened Bliss. This band conjured up anthems that will stand the test of time and rock all of us into a frenzy!

Musically, every member of this band brought their A-Game real talk. Vocally, the howls are next-level RAW AF throughout the whole album. The riffs and grooves are so infectious they fucking talk to your inner thoughts and have them stage-diving off of your nightmares! Blast their song “Chosen” — If you don’t think it rocks, something must be wrong with your ears! Yo ZORN, if y’all are reading this, I want y’all to know this album slaps harder than HARD! There is not one weak or wasted moment in this record. I know for a fact that the Sonic event will end up on our end of the list for sure. In closing, imagine if early Slayer, 45 Grave, Voivod, and Discharge decided to have a hellspawn together — the bastard child might sound as AWESOME as this new ZORN!!!

Cover Art by @my_fetalbrain 
Written By

Relapse 9-19” height=
Sentient 112217

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