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Hardcore Punk

Experience the Violent Manic Hardcore Of SPEED PLANS “Statue of God” Full Stream

WTF, let me say that one more time WTF this new SPEED PLANS album “Statues Of God” that comes out on Jan 27th via Iron Lung Records (pre-order HERE!) and Sorry State Records is all that and more!!! On every level, this band is firing off short bursts of sonic rage that you will not be able to turn OFF! What I love about this record is that yes it’s gnarly as FUCK but it still retains this chaotic groove to it that gets me hyped! “Statues Of God” has the speed of Hüsker Dü’s Land Speed Record and the sharp teeth of Circle One’s Patterns Of Force. The Lo-Fi nature of the production only adds to the unhinged charm of SPEED PLAN’s new offering. CVLT Nation is stoked to share with “Statues Of God” in full below and it should be noted HC Punk will never DIE it just gets gnarlier!

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Relapse 9-19” height=
Sentient 112217

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